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What's Your Brand's "Boiling Point?"

In 2000, Malcolm Gladwell in the The Tipping Point (a.k.a Boiling Point) explained how everything from fashion to ailments could go viral at the macro level. His theory can be expanded to review consumer behavior at the individual level. Generally speaking, attention leads to interest which leads to desire, and then action in consumers. The "Boiling Point" per capita is achieved when your brand has the grabbed attention, garned interest, and enticed desire - at which point the probability to conversion is high. In other words you're cooking!

1.) Spend a day in the life of your consumer and identify multimedia touch-points

2.) Trans-media story-tell your brand/offering through these touch-points via both PR and advertising.

When a consumer spots your blue dress on a local celebrity that evening, reads about it in her favorite magazine at lunch the next day, and then witnesses a sponsored ad for the blue dress giving her a one-time promotion, you've pushed her into her Boiling Point for the offering. It's less about repetition, and more about the attention, interest, and desire you've strategically built.

Warning: Boiling Points may vary. Avoid "Boil-Over," which occurs when you outright disturb your audience via poor planning, too much frequency, and wrong outlets of promotion which leads to a complete loss of interest and all following points.

Back to Tipping Point at the Macro level...

Typically marketers identify four groups of individuals at the macroeconomic in regards to the Tipping Point: Innovators, Early Adopters, Early Majority, and Laggards.

"Innovators," in the case of fashion, will be individuals who dictate trends and spend any dollar on fashion (i.e. Celebrities). "Early Adopters" are the opinion leaders invested in the industry (i.e. fashion editors/bloggers) and will be the first to purchase the item after seeing the celebrity with it. "Early Majority" comprise a category behind the Tipping Point at which critical mass is inevitable. This category would typically be all those who read fashion magazines. Finally, "Laggards" comprise those whose Boiling Point is set off when the item goes on sale.

Identifying your Boiling Points is turnkey in your overall marketing, advertising and pr efforts. So what you waiting for? Get cooking!

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