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What's Your Brand's Pick-up Line?

Your business requires a pick-up line. Take an example of a lemonade stand placed in middle of Times Square, New York City. With no marketing or promotion whatsoever (no aesthetic packaging, branding, etc...) and the mere functional elements of the business (jar of lemonade, paper cups, cardboard sign etc..), how will your business fare? Probably not too well.

Now let's add what we call a "pick-up line." We'll hire a defined shirtless male model for this business whose good-looks, and energy in screaming "Lemonade! Ice-cold Lemonade!" will attempt to draw crowds in. The choice of a shirtless male model reflects a desire for rehydration, his good looks reflects the trendieness of your product, and his energy reflects the zest in the lemonade. Now, you can bet the crowds will pour in (no pun intended), and that the business will fare far better since your brand now has a unique pick-up line and voice that respects your unique brand messaging.

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