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             happens when you go from story-telling to story-selling.

PR 3.0 

Earned media alone can no longer sustain brand value. Today's social-savvy consumers want to be connected into 
a much bigger brand story.
We're story-sellers,
not storytellers.
With PR 3.0 we're shifting the conversation from top-of-funnel to across-the-funnel. It's not just about showing conversation, but actually building conversation that consumers want to buy into.
About The Founder, Aasit Thakkar
Aasit Thakkar has over 10 years of experience scaling global communication strategies for industries spanning from beauty to tech. Having previously worked for iconic brands including YSL Beauty, Ralph Lauren Fragrances, ARKK Copenhagen, and Logitech, Aasit understands communications that drive culture and major tentpoles including Formula One, TwitchCon and Fashion Week. 
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